5 Kinds Of Men Women Wish They Don’t Meet!

Fingers crossed!

#NotAllMen was trending on twitter today after news reports flashed the horrific mass molestation incident in Bengaluru. Many men took to social media to express their sadness and disgust with regards to the shameful act.

While all the men aren’t rapists, molesters and eve-teasers, we rethink on another opinion that is fast overtaking the minds of millions of women across the country. What if, we don’t come across men who are a shame to the country and to the gender. What if, we only come across men who love, respect and give women the equal right of being a human being. However, in such turbulent times, we are forced to think the latter might just be a dream and we actually are coming across a ‘small’ (hopefully) yet uncivilised part of the bunch in our lives. Who are these men that we don’t want to meet or fall in love with?

The good old movies’ misconception that women love bad men has perhaps been taken too seriously. Let’s make a checklist of 5 kinds of men we women don’t want in our side of the world.



Ever came across a man who you thought is great but then you get to know he’s messed up? The kind of men who profess love only to get your pants are dangerous. There have been many instances we’ve heard of where a guy would completely ignore a girl post their sexual encounter! He’s that liar that’s harmful! Stay away.



If you can’t trust your man, then there’s nothing you can do to save your relationship. Trust is not overrated; the signs are all around you. If he’s cheating, lying and doesn’t stand up for you when you’re right, then that’s the guy you need to let go. If you call your best friend at 3 am and not him, then there’s a lot to think about. Ofcourse, you can call your BFF at 3am, but if in an SOS situation you believe he won’t be there for you, then he needs to go away!


A man who doesn’t leave a chance to demean and ridicule a woman is not worth your time. If he talks over you and your views, he’s super misogynist and thinks women are beneath men. These are the men who think you have taken birth only to make sandwiches. All the sexist beings come under this category! Big no no!


It’s impossible to love a man who doesn’t respect you or other women. A man who passes derogatory comments on women and doesn’t respect your opinion is no Mr. Right. Love can never sustain without respect!


He can go out with his friends and you can’t? He can drink, go all out and you can’t?  It’s unfortunate to know that these kind of men exist. Chuck him out if you can!


We’re not comparing the above kinds of men to rapists, molesters or eve-teasers. But to think through a rapist, molester and eve teaser will have something in common – Disrespect, hypocrisy, sexist views and much more!


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