5 Funny ‘Wedding Night’ Stereotypes From Indian Bedrooms!

Suhag Raat tales!

It’s 2017 yet some traditions in India are just as intact as they were.  We aren’t complaining as we kind of find these stereotypes quite funny. Weddings are evolving as fast as the human race, however, the good old wedding night rituals are refusing to leave our side.

Remember when sex scene between a married couple was shown as two flowers kissing during sunset? Yes, there are some really cute metaphors surrounding this ‘holy sex ritual’. In a country as diverse as ours, the celebrated ‘Suhag Raat’ has its own colours and excitement. In some South Indian traditions, wedding night is celebrated on the third day post marriage and in some others there’s an auspicious time and day for the most awaited night of newly weds.

We spoke to some of our married colleagues and realised these 5 wedding night stereotypes are actually the most common apart from sex of course.

Milk is the secret of their energy




According to some, milk boosts the energy in a human body. A lot of curious beings on ‘quora’ believe that milk increases the sperm count. According to Maharshi Ayurveda (MAPI), milk brings strength as soon as consumed by the human body. Milk promotes ‘ojas’ which helps bring in immunity and happiness. So maybe, just maybe the movie scriptwriters way back in the 60s sneaked into the ancient scriptures to come up with cliched scenes of the bride walking in with a glass of milk.


By Deepa Kalukuri

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