5 Foods You Must Try To Boost Your Libido!

Pump up your libido!

Throughout history, various ingredients have been held in the highest regard as aphrodisiacs. Some have arousing aromas, while most are suggestive in shape or even have a sensual feeling when consumed. However, do these ingredients trigger the feelings of love and arousal?Most people claim that consuming certain ingredients can increase your libido, but are they true?  Vasundhara Agrawal, a diet and lifestyle consultant from Bengaluru says, “Foods considered as aphrodisiacs are those that aim to stimulate the love senses – sight, smell, taste and touch. Sometimes, even the simple act of eating can arouse you—the way you feel each bite in your mouth can in turn, suggest sex to the mind, which subconsciously stimulates desire in the body. No food has been scientifically proven to stimulate the human sex organs—it is not that certain ingredients awaken your sex drive, it all has to do with the mind and the way you see, taste and feel each ingredient.”

Here are five infamous aphrodisiacs that have made a mark in history and have the ability to fire up passion and desire in whoever consumes them!


Red chili was used as a catalyst in fortifying chocolate drink that the Aztec emperor Montezuma consumed to make his tongue dance and quicken his pulse in preparation for his daily visit to his concubines with beautiful maidens.



Chillies have a wonderful attribute—they have the ability to increase heart rate, doubling the pleasure of your meal. With its ability to raise body temperatures and accelerating the heart beat to making your lips swell to a kissable plump pout, the effects of eating a hot chilli are similar to the visual cues of a sexual flush! This sexy attribute can put your partner’s mind in the mood with a fleeting glance! They also help to release endorphins—a floating energised feeling so powerful in its pleasure that makes it difficult to say no to this flavoursome spice!

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