5 Doordarshan serials you grew up watching!

Humlog, Dekh Bhai Dekh and many more!!

Let us tell you a story – a story about the TV. Walk along as we trace the journey of television in the country to the era bygone. As hard as it is to believe, there did exist a time when we were not addicted to our smart phones and watched TV only for an hour a day. Playing outside with friends appealed more to us than being cooped up inside the house. We cherished the one or two odd things that we did watch on TV in the evening after school. As soon as the program got over, we would be asked to do our homework, given dinner and asked to go sleep. The elders would then sit and watch their favourite show and call it a night. That was the time of Doordarshan (DD).Was it just the excitement of having a brand new TV set at the house or was it something beyond that? We make an attempt to find out with the top serials of the day in the past.


Written by: Sumitra Sundaram

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