5 Chennai Night Clubs You Must Visit This Weekend!

Cheers to a great weekend!

Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy a drink or an after- party paradise, we have you covered. Chennai is bustling with places that promise you a night to remember.


q bar


Q Bar- Hilton

 Chennai has an amazing skyline and to enjoy the sublime sight, you must head to the rooftop bar and grill, Q Bar at Hilton.Sit under the starry sky enjoying a spectacular view of Chennai city as you sip on their signature cocktails. Gazebos and warm lights make up for a very romantic evening here at the rooftop haven. Offering a unique culinary experience with grills that are fresh and succulent, drinks that are refreshing and delicious and an ambiance that cannot be found in any other part of the city, this rooftop bar should be on your list. The setting provides you with a vibe that is relaxed yet stylish.


vault bar


The Vault Bar Stock Exchange

 Located in the heart of Chennai, The Vault Bar Stock Exchange is a trendy bar that has been conceptualized to adopt the format of a stock exchange market. With the overhead of the bar displaying the prices of the drinks that fluctuate like the stocks in the share market and a screen in the center also displaying what’s hot selling in the bar at the moment, this hangout is a must visit. This place scored points high up on our list for the unusual idea of a stock exchange at the bar. It is an interesting concept that is new to the city that is already popular in metros like Mumbai and Delhi. Saturday nights are bustling with packs of party people that groove to the beats of mind-blowing music.

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