4 ways to keep skin hydrated and soft during Summers!

Do Not sleep with make up on!

Most women today do not leave the house without some sort of basic makeup or foundation. Make up has become a part of our daily routine, whether we go to work, a mall or a party. Throughout the day, your skin is layered with the makeup you wear since morning; and is also exposed to pollution, harmful UV rays of the sun and dust. All this leaves your skin looking dull and lifeless by sunset. Here are a few beauty hacks you must do before you go to bed in order to rejuvenate the skin at night.

Different people have different skin types. And most of the skin products are further classified based on the different skin types. Using the right skin type product can give you glowing and younger, healthier looking skin.

1. Removal of makeup – There might have been times when you would have slept with your makeup on, we all are guilty of doing so at some point of time. But if it becomes a regular affair, you will be prone to clogged pores, dry flaky skin and early ageing. Eye makeup if not removed can cause hair follicles and oil glands to get clogged and cause styes and irritation. However drained and exhausted you might be, removal of makeup is a must. Do not suffocate your skin. It needs to breath, rejuvenate and repair itself at night.

2. Cleansing – Using a good cleanser or facewash helps to exfoliate dirt, leftover makeup and bacteria. Cleansing of face helps to re-hydrate your skin leaving it healthy, refreshed, supple and clean.

3. Toning– Though many people don’t use toners, toning is necessary for the skin. A well-formulated toner can work wonders on your skin. Used right after cleansing, toners help to balance the pH of your skin. They reinstate and repair its surface giving your face a younger and fresher look.

4. Moisturizing – Moisturizing your face and body makes your skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Usually, the skin is more receptive to cream treatments at night. They help to replenish the moisture elements in the upper layers of the skin.

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