4 Ways to bring back romance in your life!

Keep the phones away, invest in your relationship!

In a world controlled by gadgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain any kind of human contact; let alone your love life. A typical day in the life of a couple involves both of them interacting with gadgets all day long at work and then coming home to a world of more gadgets.

Dinner done and once at bed, both of them fish out their phones/tabs/laptops and are at it again till the wee hours of the morning. Where is the time for romance, you ask? Try working your way around one of these ways and put romance in your life map again.


Spend time together



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you want the romance back in your life, you have to actually spend time with the other person, we mean without the mobiles and other gadgets. Make it a point to allocate a brief amount of time to respond to emails/ texts and then keep the phone away from both of you. Even activities like playing video games (technically still a gadget but it’s an added perk if you do it together) or taking a walk after dinner are sure shot ways of keeping the spark alive.


Play it



Forget the everyday routine once in a while. It is not necessary to be a machine among machines. If you get home earlier than him, order all of his favorite food (don’t waste time cooking! What are the food apps for?). Hide small gifts like chocolates in different parts of the house and leave chits for him to find. For the more adventurous ones, replace chocolates with tasks that you want him to complete before he gets to you (no, it does not include doing dishes). A good game will not only tease the body but also the mind and you can rest assured that the rest of your week would play along quite satisfying.


Go on regular dates

Young couple driving convertible at sunset


We don’t mean the between-the-work-lunches although they are quite special too. We mean a date and time that you have set apart for your partner and are taking efforts to make it special. Dates do not mean fancy food in fancy hotels all the time. If you have the chance, make it an entire weekend. Get away from home where it is a bit open and there is a chance to look at the stars in the night. There’s no better love guru than Mother Nature. We don’t instantly expect you to become poets but just the thought of a blanket in an open field on which you lie down next to your partner looking at the stars ought to rekindle some romance in you.


Keep it simple & stupid



In other words, KISS. A warm kiss in the morning to show your partner to say that you woke up thinking about them, a random kiss text in the middle of the day to say that you cannot wait to see them later, a kiss in the evening to show your happiness on seeing them and appreciating what they do for you can go an unbelievably long way. Trust us, it’s all in the detail! It may look like a minute thing but it is the best of the lot!


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