4 Simple Home Remedies For Beautiful Hands And Feet!

Gentle and Supple!

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, our hands and feet are one of the most noticed parts of our body. Yet most of us feel a tad reluctant to take care of our limbs preferring instead to cover up rough hands, thickened cuticles and cracked feet. Your limbs enhance your aura and charm. Then why leave them uncared for?

Tending to daily beauty requirements is predominantly about hair care, body massage and facials. Often pedicures and manicures are indulged in just as an afterthought once a year. Hands and feet are often the least cared for by a majority of us – our limbs are the unfortunate victims of a mind block that prevents us from spending on these areas that, according to most of us, is the least noticed. If only that were true! Think hard- what is visible predominantly when you flaunt your favourite sleeveless dress? Chapped, dry, flaky elbows would definitely not add to the beauty of your hands or the dress. It is the same with your cracked heels: they tend to take away so much from the appeal of your new stilettos.

Here are a few homemade remedies, the ingredients for which are readily available in your kitchens, saving you the hassles and the expenses of going for treatments.


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