3-Step Guide To Your Perfect Summer Look!

Newest Makeup Hack!

Heard of contouring? Yes the one that was responsible for breaking the Internet last season is now a thing of the past. This sweltering summer calls for a simpler make up hack called Non-Touring.

Layering your skin with foundations, primers and compacts are all bygone trends. For a more natural and fresh-looking face, adopt the technique of non-touring.

The 3 Step guide

1.A skin-appropriate primer is the first and foremost in this make up routine. Go for something that is light and compliments your skin requirements.

2.Get a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream to apply next. This should even out your complexion smoothly, in case you have blemishes or pimple marks, you could also do spot corrections with a concealer.

3.The most important step is highlighting. For a lighter complexion, pick one with a pinkish hue and for warmer skin tones, a bronze- gold will work best. With a contouring brush, highlight the parts of the face where light would fall naturally. Bring out the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the Cupid’s bow and the brow bone with the help of the subtle strokes.

Trade in your foundations for lighter, summer-friendly formulas.

• Gold Deposit by MAC MineralizeSkinFinish

• Face Sheer Sun Kissed by Lakmé

• Infiniment Chanel Highlight Powder

• Highlighting Powder- Bronze Glow/ Pink Glow by Bobbi Brown

• Shimmer Waves by The Body Shop

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