3 Quick Smoothies To Try At Home This Summer!

Oh, yum!

Rising degrees, sunny mornings, sultry noons and not-so-pleasant evenings simply imply that summer is here. Enjoying the hot summer days in one thing and keeping yourself hydrated is a very important aspect in this hot weather.

Staying hydrated is a must in this climate, whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, your water intake should not be compromised at all. Carrying a bottle of water, or having a box of cut fruits in your handbag is a good idea for the heat and humidity.

Refresh your Eats



  • Cucumber: The water content in cucumber is as high as 96% hence extremely nourishing for the hot season. Full of fibers, this is the best way you could get hydrated this season.
  • Corn: Little did we know about this food being a summer essential, it’s high in antioxidants and also helps you from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes? Sunscreen? Yes having a tomato will help you shield your skin from sunburn and other bad effects of the glaring sun.
  • Yogurt: A glass of lassi, cold buttermilk or a raita with some cut fruits and vegetables with your lunch or dinner, is the absolute best for summers. Yogurt is a coolant for your mind and body.
  • Watermelon: Cut fruits and refrigerate it. Eat it during the day or like a snack for your evenings. The water content in watermelon is 92% which is as good as drinking a glass of water. Go watermelon!

The Elixir

Our bodies tend to lose a lot of water in the sun, hence it is very essential to be hydrated all the time. Sometimes just a glass of water does the trick in this weather. 8 glasses? 10 glasses? How much water should one have?  Drinking around 2 liters of water is ideal, but better than that is drinking according to your body weight.  Your ideal intake of water would be your weight multiplied by 0.033. It has been a healthy formula and you should try adopting it too. Water is life, and too much of it is not bad at all.

Try one or two of these quick smoothies at home for that ultimate level of satisfaction:

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