Let your home go the retro way!

Quirky is the state of mind here; if you’ve got it, you will totally relate to this way out for your home!

• Painting is a great way to introduce retro touch in your house. Follow general colour rules of pale colours for small rooms and deep colours for large spaces. Brown makes a good basis for any retro colour scheme. To add zing, try infusing orange, lime green, turquoise or yellow colours on a tan wall.

• Nothing screams retro like paisley prints, daisies and psychedelic shapes on a stark background. Use vibrant colours in bold shapes to make a dramatic statement.

• The furniture should echo the theme too. Pick designs with sweeping curves and abstract style. Popular shapes during those times were the egg chair and kidney shaped coffee tables.

• The 60s were when the space craze was in full swing. Use pictures, lamps and ornaments that are reminiscent of the space craze. Use atomic wall clocks instead of regular ones. Pick furniture in mid to dark toned wood.

• Formica, plastic, fibreglass and plywood were also popular in that era. Use highly polished chrome for ornamentation.

• Mirrors are another popular retro accessory. Cover a single wall with mirrors and use a mirrored disco ball to reflect light.

• To counteract the bright walls, the floor should be plain and simple. A white rug with fluffy cushions or black and white    chequered veneer strikes the right balance.

• You can also opt for abstract designer single seater or love duo chair instead of regular couches for a casual feel.

• Don’t forget to include an old rotary style telephone. Round it up with a record player belting out old tunes.

• A quick tip: The retro look offers a lot of scope for decorating and it is easy to go wrong with it. Overdosing on the theme colours could end up making your house look shabby. The look works best if you combine a few well coordinated elements to get the groovy feel.

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