15 Ways To Make This Weekend Super Romantic!

For a romantic weekend!

Romance is slowly becoming a thing of the past with gadgets controlling our lives. When you think romance, you immediately wonder what happened to candle light dinners. It’s time to shine the light on your romance. 


There are a lot of things that could dampen the thought of using candles – the flame, the burnt wick, the melted wax and the smell after it burns out. Drawbacks aside, candles will always be a symbol of romance. So this Valentine’s Day, take some ideas from here and decorate your home for a decadent romantic evening.

Candles are wonderful. They can create a warm and inviting ambiance to your space. They also provide a little mystery. Lighting a candle is like turning on your inner self. A candle in a dark room gives one a feeling of hope and lights up the room with positive energy and love. It is this warm glow that gives way to romantic indulgences.


Decorate the love shack

The decor and ambiance of a room has got a lot to do with what actually happens there. For instance, a living room will not be complete without furniture, a table, and a conversation starter. In the same way, a bedroom needs that oomph factor to spur on the romance.

• The traditional pink, red and white combination, aromatic candles, balloons and flowers are inexpensive and effective ideas for room decor that will make Valentine’s Day decor feel romantic, unique and special.
• You can alternate between ribbons, flowers, soft pillows and hearts along with candles to surprise your loved one.
• Float tea-light candles in a bowl filled with water and place it in the corners of the room away from curtains to give an ethereal glow to the room.
• If you have a lot of room on the floor, create a small design with more tea-light candles.


Choose the one

Candles come in a lot of variety and are designed for specific occasions. It is very important to know which candle will suit for what occasion. For instance, a tapered candle in your bedroom is inappropriate and jarring.

• Pillar candles are solid and self-standing and do not need any support on their own. These candles are more appropriate for dining tables and balconies.
• Taper candles are long and need to be securely set in a candle holder. They are used to decorate large areas and tapestries.
• Floating candles have a low and stable profile and are designed in a way that they float on water. They vary in forms and shapes and are ideal for your bedroom decor. A bunch of them in the corners of the room can do wonders.
• Container or filled candles come in non-flammable and heat resistant jars that are filled with wax and wick. These candles are portable and are more appropriate on the corner tables of the house or in the living area as they stimulate conversations.
• Tea light candles are small filled candles that can be placed in light holders or on their own. Since they are small and burn out easily, they are excellent around the house, including the bedroom.

• Cut out heart shapes in red or pink chart paper and use some wax to stick on the walls of the candle.
• Take a bowl and fill it with water and float a few tea-light candles in it. Alternatively, you could also strew in some rose petals to complete that look.
• When decorating the room, it is important not to go overboard with candles as the fumes coming from them would overpower everything else in the room. So, instead of having all the candles in one room, make a pathway from the main door to the bedroom.


Set that table

Candle light dinners are a big part of romance and something that is fading away these days due to the intrusion of technology. If you belong to the old school of thought, you know what we mean. If you are more of the current generation and like fine dining with dim lights, we suggest you give this a try; it’s worth it.

• Set the table for two, with a bunch of roses in the middle and some unique candles around it to give it that ultra-decadent look.
• Choose your menu wisely: a simple starter or two to go with your drinks is more than enough to spark off a conversation. Your main course should be something that does not require a lot of prep because you don’t want to be standing for hours in the kitchen and sweating it out. Finally, choose a dessert that is simple yet elegant, hopefully with an aphrodisiac like strawberries or chocolates so that it sets course for the next part of the evening.
• Have a backup plan too, just in case this plan does not work out. For instance, ordering food from your place of choice is not a bad option if you consider your cooking skills to be below average!


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