13 Must Have Accessories For A Gorgeous Home!

Home fashion!

As in fashion, home accessories can either make or break the look of a room. They may seem mundane and you may already have all of them, but with our accessory checklist, you will stay on top of décor trends and have an enviable abode.

Photo frames

Photo frames are one of the most personal symbols you find in any house. You can make an interesting timeline of all the important events in your life through the years. For an interesting take, arrange different frames of various sizes and shapes with similar photographs atop a chest of drawers. Or go electronic and get a digital photo frame.

Key holder

What’s the first thing you do when you enter your house? Look for a place to stash your keys. Key hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes now. For the new age look go for magnetic key loops. Another easy and very effective way is to use a bowl or a plate that is placed either on your shoe rack or a table near the entrance. Just throw your keys in when you walk in and pick them up when you leave. Simple and effective!

A creative shelf

We are forever looking for creative ways to showcase our objects in our living area. The latest trend is to use creatively shaped shelving. Gone are the days of boxed wall‐to‐wall shelves that hold your memorabilia. For an instant conversation starter opt for a shelf in an innovative shape. Sometimes, just leaving the racks empty will give it a unique appeal.

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