12 Tips To Dress Up For Your Best Friend’s Wedding!

Look your best!!!

Weddings are important occasions not only for the newlyweds but for the guests too. It is a day they can flaunt their fashion selections and sensibilities. Planning what to wear, well in time, ensures that the whole experience is memorable, eliminating last minute wardrobe panic attacks!

Oh my god! It is next month…next week…tomorrow. Assembling the perfect sartorial repertoire can never be left for the nth hour. The moment you get the good news that your best buddy or your cousin is getting hitched is the moment you start putting together your look for the D Day. This ensures that you can focus on the fun and festivities than on running from pillar to post in search of the ideal apparel. Indeed, a wedding is a celebration that requires proper attire, but this does not call for extravagant dressing; you are still a guest, not the bride herself.

Christian Wedding- White isn’t for you

  • There was a time when for most Christian weddings, a dress code was sent out to match the theme, now the trend is left to the guests themselves, giving you more flexibility in deciding your style.
  • White is always reserved for the bride, even if the bride chooses a different shade of white combined with pink or yellow, it is still her day. And black is complete no-no, as it has certain negative implications.
  • So for a chic look try something in deep blue or purple. Light hues like buttercup or powder blue will also look very pleasant. Pair your outfit with the right kind of accessories like a simple pendant and you are definitely ready to party.

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