12 Reasons Why Girl Gangs Are The Best Thing In The World!!!

Best Friends Forever!!

You can find a million things to talk about when your girlfriends are around. They always have an interesting perspective, support your unique views without judgment and can liven up even a conversation about global oil crisis. They are the ones who’ve seen you through your good times – your first kiss, your pay-raise, dropping five kilos in a month – and also the bad – your break-ups, your spat with the parents or your unproductive weeks of slacking.

We all honour these memories on Friendship Day, with Facebook posts paying tribute to the special moments, but how long has it been since it was just you and your favourite girls in the world, getting together to celebrate for no reason? If you haven’t been able to do that in a while, change all that this summer! We bring you ways to revive the bond with your soul sisters.


  • What all-girl ritual doesn’t begin at a slumber party? Whatever people may tell you, an army of giggling girls in pajamas with stacks of food, magazines and gossip is NOT strictly a teen thing. Round up the ladies one more time for a new and improved grown-up sleepover!


  • Keep the classic sleepover routine: bake cookies, paint nails, exchange some he-said-she-said – but also just catch up with each other’s milestones you may have missed. Get down to some good old girl-talk – things you’ve been holding on to for too long that you can only say in their company, without earning hypercritical feedback.


  • Needless to say, it helps to keep mountains of crisp-and-crunchies handy to aid these therapeutic sessions – after all, food for thought doesn’t count as a diet-bypass, does it?


  • Tired of clichéd rom-coms with the same old kissing silhouette at the end? Try this for a change: pull an all-nighter with your best friends, by putting together a Disney marathon of all the great movies (the best from every decade maybe). If your pack is less anime and more fantasy, replace the line-up with Marvel comic-based superhero movies.


  • Animated and epic movies have been proved to have uplifting, even inspiring effects on minds due to their positive content and their unequivocal demarcation of morals. Besides, they are so explicitly far removed from reality, they don’t mislead audiences’ subconscious.Not to bash the beloved rom-coms, but too much of them can lead to an unhealthy fixation on farfetched romances. Instead, these will leave you lighter, with a pleasant memory of the good old days.


  • Just lying around for endless chats can get awfully boring beyond a few hours. Make reading lists of all the books you’ve each wanted to read but just haven’t had the time and pass them around your circle. Compile all the lists into one essential master-list and start checking them off book by book. You can meet at the end of every week to discuss the book and share your views on its various themes. Sharing of perspectives at book clubs or the like can open up conceptual pathways and generate original thinking.


  • They also allow you to travel worlds without working up a sunburn. Additionally, this form of interaction does wonders to relationships, as the journey down a different route of conversation allows you to discover new aspects about a person’s psyche, familiarising you to a fresher side of them. 


  • The best dishes in the world were discovered accidentally or over a trivial turn of events. Turn your mundane routine into a day of culinary adventure, by putting together a unique recipe. Combine few different tastes of your lot and bring alive a new dish or drink. And now, name it!


  • Make sure it’s a memorable name, something that marks everyone’s involvement as well as the dish’s ‘one-of-a-kind’ness. It can’t just be an easy fusion of ingredients thrown together in haste – don’t give up until it is a delicious knockout (at least delicious-adjacent). Who knows, it can, over time, become a summer tradition that brings all of you together every year!


  • What’s a summer without an impromptu excursion? Here’s how it works: shuffle folded chits of paper containing names of nearby places that can be covered in a day or two. The pick of the draw is now your destination for the weekend! Just pack your essentials (in other words, leave the nail file behind) and take a trip, just you and the girls. Keep the phones away and take in the view instead.


  • If yours is a gang that does this frequently, ditch the usual hangout and try something new – rent bicycles, fan out a picnic spread instead of eating at a restaurant. It will actually surprise you how many things you find, that you’ve just walked past before. And making these mini-discoveries becomes all the more special, with your all-time BFF’s around.


  • Is there a daring adventure you’ve been curious to experience first-hand but backed out of every time you reached the brink of it? With your girls around, that’s about to change. Adventure campsites dot many hill stations and seaside belts. These camp-zones offer a range of activities, so you can do them all in one stop. While trekking and canoeing are the known regulars, not many defy their fears to take on the slightly challenging stuff – rafting,scuba diving, zorbing on water, swoop rides, the list could go on. Scream your lungs out, but don’t close your eyes – make sure you are aware of every moment of it; you may not get to do it often with the same company.


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