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100 Cr Defamation Case Against Sunny Leone!

Pooja Mishra files law suit

Famous actress and former porn star, Sunny Leone is in trouble. Pooja Mishra, model, VJ and Big Boss contender has asked Sunny to pay up a whopping 100 crores for defaming her. Pooja is claiming that she was a popular contestant of TV show Big Boss 5, and Sunny had entered the show much later. She alleged that Sunny had given defamatory interviews to the media, and this was done out of ‘malice and jealousy’ towards her. Pooja also alleged that Sunny had attributed motives against her to a Mumbai newspaper and said her reputation had been damaged in public eye. She claimed, because of Sunny, she had to break her fixed deposits and withdraw her savings and suffered losses up to 70 lakhs. The matter is in the Bombay Hight Court for further hearing.

With inputs from PTI

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