10 Ways To Make Sure Your ‘In Laws’ Love You!

Happiness and In Laws!

When you leave your parents house post the wedding, all you think about is how to make sure you fit in! our new family is not known to you and it can get a little worrisome especially if it’s an arranged marriage and who have no idea what you’ve bargained for!


You not only are a wife but also a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and have dozens of other relatives who are waiting to befriend you. It’s normal to feel a little nervous but there are ways to impress your in laws so your life post the wedding is as peaceful as ever.


  • Being yourself is a great way to start! No! If you’re a lazy, short-tempered or a person with no value for anyone’s opinions, it’s a great time to change! Everyone has flaws but if you have been having issues with your temper or anything else, make sure you don’t appear aggressive to your new family. Keep calm.


  • Always dress well when you have relatives and guests coming! Everyone wants to see the how well dressed and charming the new bride is! Don’t go out in your nights pants to greet your extended family.


  • Make sure you are kind towards the family dog and are approachable to those cousins of your husband. Leaving a good impression on the future generation will make you a hit in the new family.


  • Help around the house! It’s normal that most women start work soon after their wedding and it becomes difficult to manage household chores. Here, your mother-in-law should be your go to person! Ask her how you can help her even if you may or may not know anything!


  • Attend all those family functions which otherwise your husband is trying to avoid. Fill in for him and see how much your in laws appreciate it.


  • Try to know your new family! Ask you father-in-law or anybody else in the family to show you some old family albums and childhood pictures of your husband. This to make sure you don’t forget the names of a certain relative who pays you a surprise visit.


  • How your relationship with your husband is inside the bedroom, shouldn’t reflect outside! If you are the one in the relationship who gets your way always make sure no one in his family knows about it. Husband and wife should be equals but if you are the dominating one, make sure you don’r behave like that around them.


  • Absolutely no bitching with your husband’s neighbours or relatives about how your in laws treat you. Understand you are new around there and that someone can ruin your relationship with your in laws.


  • Include the opinions or suggestions of the elders in your new family whenever you’re taking an important decision. Make sure they don’t get a shock when you reveal your future plans.


  • Once in a while plan family outings and trips with the whole family. It helps to have a peaceful weekend with your inlaws. This is the time you can invest in building the relationship.


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