10 Ways To Detox Your Mind and Body This Weekend!

Happy Healthy Weekend!!!!

After enduring a gruelling work week, detoxify, feel enervated and bring back the radiance!  Has it been a really long week laden with continuous work pressure, bombardment of deadlines and graveyard shifts? In such a scenario, a detoxification process at the end of the week is a definite stress reliever and rejuvenator.


Detoxification is a natural way of removal of accumulated poisons from one’s body, which otherwise could be strong contributors to an inferior quality of life. Engaging in natural detox or a colon cleanse might aid in shedding some toxins and furthermore help in damaged cell replacement.

Dos, Don’ts and the Diet

  • A natural way of detoxification at the end of the week involves a complete programme, including a healthy diet, long walks, body and face massage and spa treatment. Practising yoga and listening to soothing music aids the process further.
  • The number of times one should detox varies from individual to individual and is dependent on the amount of greens, fruits and other organic food one has eaten in proportion to the junk consumed all week.
  • Diet is the most vital part of your detox process. The recommended optimum level of water consumption is 0.3 – 0.4 litre per 10 kg body weight; filtered water or soft tap water is preferred as it is low in mineral content.
  • Avoid carbonated water, fruit or vegetable juices should be diluted well. It is best to consume fresh fruits directly than pulp it into juice. Avoid red meat, eggs, milk and fried food. Include legumes, broccoli, pulses and vegetables that contain a lot of water. Limit your breakfast to raw fruits and vegetables, followed by light meals before late evening.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee during this detox process. For those who do not take regular supplements of milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt or cucumbers, it is indeed a good idea to consume good amounts of toned milk and low fat yoghurt because these provide an important constituent called probiotics to our body.
  • Inclusion of medicinal herbs like basil, mint leaves, along with garlic, ginger and grapes add to good health. Starving during detox is definitely not recommended; remember to eat small meals every two hours, with a few cups of green tea in between.
  • It is just not the diet; even your mind needs to relax. Long walks in the morning, sunbath early in the day followed by a warm water bath is a great way to feel your skin tingle with energy. A few minutes of dry massage before bath stimulates metabolism and helps in better blood circulation. A bath with Dead Sea, Epsom and normal body salts along with an aloe vera facial massage will make the skin more radiant. Of course good music, meditation and yoga will just further enhance the weekend detox experience.
  • Detoxification effects show off quite early. There might be sudden headaches, loss of stamina and sometimes even heavy weight loss. This in no way should discourage from the detox decision. These are only early symptoms, as the body is not accustomed to the new health regime; as for weight loss, it is good to lose those stubborn extra pounds.
  • Once the body gets used to this routine, there will be a definite positive change in the body and mind. You will be all set for a new week, with radiant skin, a healthy body and a relaxed mind.

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