10 Ways To Achieve A Mind-Blowing Orgasm !

If you are one of those women who believe sex is over-rated or that achieving an orgasm is next to impossible, this is a must read for you. A simple cheat sheet to reaching the best orgasm is here and only a few simple steps away.



1. Touch yourself: Practicing solo is the best way to find yourself. Two advantages of adopting this point are one, the self confidence of knowing what you want and two, finding different ways and means to pleasure yourself.

2. Finding your G-spot: While you explore your body, make sure you get down to the business of locating the most pleasurable point in your body- the G spot. There is no rulebook here, every woman is different and so is this point.

3. Bust your myths: Most women don’t orgasm solely with the him-inside-you sex, there is certainly a need for external stimulation in such cases. Let’s not conform our ideas of sex to just sperm ejaculation, because reaching climaxes for both women and men is essential for good enjoyable sex.

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