10 Styling Tricks To Look Taller Than Ever!!!

Breathe! With some visual tricks in the fashion department, you can add virtual inches to your frame.

  1. V necks work the best as the details pull the eyes down vertically. Crew and cowl necks will make the body look like it has been broken into sections. 
  2. Ditch bold prints. Stick to smaller prints. The rule is to keep the attire simple. Also avoid big bows, buttons and pockets. Avoid using horizontal lines in your clothes. Go for vertical prints which will make you look tall and slim.
  3. Opt for matching hues instead of contrast color blocking which tends to cut you into half and make you look shorter. To make things more interesting, go for shirts and trousers in two different fabrics.
  4. Skinny belts work best for a smaller frame instead of broad belts. Thin belts will also contour your body.
  5. Don’t be conscious while wearing skirts because you are short. The only rule to be followed is to avoid mid and full length skirts as they will make you look stout. Short skirts and hot pants can be worn to create the illusion of length.
  6. The shorter, the better! High waisted skirts are a clever option too.
  7. Tuck your shirt into your pants or skirt to make your legs look longer.
  8. Figure hugging clothes will make you look taller! Over sized clothes will give a horizontal illusion which does not solve the purpose.
  9. To look taller, take the help of accessories and jewelry pieces! Instead of curling the scarf around your neck, tie it loosely or leave it hanging downwards as it will create an illusion of length. Also, avoid choker neck pieces and opt for long necklaces and pendants.
  10. Bid goodbye to your ballerina shoes and strap on stilettos and wedges. High heeled shoes and a pair of crisp, well cut trousers will make you look taller instantly.

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