10 Ridiculous Situations Indian Women Faced in 2016!

Taking women back to the medieval era!

When we look back at history and compare the ‘facts’ with the new millennium, it proves we as a country are moving backwards. In recent years, the law and the people with authority (read men) have been making rules for women across the country. When will women be able to decide for themselves?

16th year of the new millennium is about to end and we are still stuck in good old misogynist and sexist era. With a hope that 2017 will bring equal rights and changes for women in the country, here’s a (hopefully) last look at primitive situations Indian women had to face this year.


Kerala High Court rules women cannot wear Salwar-Kameez/Chudidar inside the Padmanabhaswamy temple




The headline says it all! One of the pillars of four estates of the country, the Judiciary shocked us once again when it ruled out this super medieval practice. We doubt if during the medieval times, people would have controlled what one should wear when paying a divine visit. The Kerala HC’s ruling that women should only wear a mundu (dhoti) inside the Padmanabhaswamy temple, makes it hard to believe that it’s 2016! Though this move has sparked protests across the country, the ruling stays!


When our beloved Panchayat banned mobile phones for girls!




What is it with targeting women whenever there seems a trouble for so called ‘provoked’ men in some parts of the country? In February 2016, a Panchayat in an Aligarh village banned mobile phones for girls and you won’t believe what the reason was. They ruled that the girls are getting ‘corrupt’ due to their access to the modern telecom world. It’s a great setback to the current government which is trying to turn the country to a digital one. All the best with that!


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