10 Landmarks of ‘Madras’ That Travelled To Chennai!

Madras, Nalla Madras.

Written by Madhumitha Dhanasekaran.

Have you heard the phrase?  In the pink of health. When someone uses that phrase, it means they are doing great. I guess there is someone who can use this phrase forever. They seem to be always bustling at an amazing age of 379. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the one and only Madaraspatinam, Madras and my dear Chennai. (It all refers to the same city, in case you didn’t know).

Chennai is celebrating its 379th birthday and there are celebrations going on all over the city for the whole week. Chennai is not the only one in the pink of health. Chennai has friends, friends who live in her who are also very active and very old. The city houses 2,467 heritage buildings within its metropolitan area (CMA), the highest within any Metropolitan Area limit in India. Only a few of them continue to be as busy as Chennai, while many have become tourist sites. Let us have a look at few buildings, which has traveled from Madrasapatinam to Chennai:


  1. Fort St. George – 1644

Although Madras was born 377 years ago, it is only after the establishment of Fort St. George did the city grow and become the presidency. The Fort built 373 years ago, is almost as old as the city. Constructed for trading purposes by the East India Company, the building now hosts the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly making it one of those heritage sites that never retired.

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