10 Interesting Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Few interesting ways to keep the midsummer blues away!

Apart from the usual summer camps, cricket coaching and swimming classes, here are a few interesting things you can do along with your child and keep the midsummer blues away. We are not talking about classes which cost a fortune but simple things which require a bit of your time and enthusiasm, because your darlings are worth it.


After braving the stormy seas of surprise tests and the hurricanes of homework for almost a year, it is finally holidays in sight! But irrespective of whether your child is a toddler or almost a teen, it will not be long before you realize that keeping children occupied for the next two months is no easy task. Do not worry, help is at hand. We give you our ten time tested suggestions to keep your little ones entertained and occupied, while they also pick up a few life skills to help them face the coming academic year refreshed with renewed confidence.


It is an activity that can be customized to suit the needs of any age group. Toddlers can be encouraged to grow a plant in a pot and being responsible for its watering daily inculcates a sense of responsibility in them. If you are someone who potters in the garden quite a bit, get them to pull out weeds and water the plants with a pipe while you do the more serious stuff. Being able to work along with you will make their little chests swell with pride. Older kids can be encouraged to have their own vegetable patch and the joy of eating what they grow is worth its weight in gold. Ensure all gardening activity is done with gloves on to avoid getting hurt as well as to keep infection at bay.


Most of us living in cities and towns have a local park nearby. They usually have activities like yoga and sports like skating and tennis .Get your kids to learn a few asanas or bond with other kids while you have a walk around with other parents. Try walking with your children and teach them the names of different trees and plants and do lookout for that birds nest while you do so.


Baking their own cupcakes and cookies is certainly exciting for kids of all ages. You can help them bake and allow them to display their creativity with the frosting. If you do not have the time then try enrolling them in a class or get a mother who is a good baker to volunteer.


Sooner or later, a time will come when everybody realizes that memories are all they are left with. Get your little ones to chronicle their holidays through a scrap book using photographs followed by a write up. Save it and present it to them when they are older and they will be thrilled to be transported to the best time of their lives–their childhood.


No matter how much you love your children, the love they get from their grandparents is a league apart. Listening to stories of yore or lying on grandma’s lap might be their most treasured memory. It also teaches them the value of family and relationships.


Bake a few cookies and make some chilly lemonade with your child and put up a lemonade stand in your building or neighborhood. It is sure to be a big hit as everyone can do with a glass of ice- cold lemonade as the sun bets down mercilessly and children return sweaty from a good game of cricket. Explain the importance of donating to a worthy cause and give the collections no matter how small to a needy person or organization.


Older children can be sent to a nature camp for a few days depending on how self reliant they are. Being on their own, interacting with peers from varied backgrounds in the midst of nature will surely do wonders for their world view.


Find out if any of their friends are in town and arrange to have them over for the day. Make it entertaining and educative by planning a visit to a museum or zoo. Get their parents to return the favor as it would give you some time to get pending work done or just hang your feet up.


We all want our children to grow up as well adjusted socially responsible citizens of the world. A good way to start off would be to get older children them to volunteer at a nearby old age home, orphanage or Eco-conservation organization. Please do not force them if they are not ready for it and always remember to consult them before planning anything.


Involve them in helping around the house by giving them a cupboard to sort out, encourage them to put their ironed clothes in their shelves ,show them how to polish door knobs and lay the table if you feel they are equipped to do so. Delegate certain duties to them which have to be done without reminding. You will be surprised to see how enthusiastic they are about the whole thing.

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