10 Dangerous Signs That Say You Need To Break Up Right Now!!!

Save yourself when there is still time!

Nobody wants to be in a abusive relationship, but sadly many around the world experience it. Most important aspect of abusive relationships is often people do not realize they are in one. It is important to detect the early signs and leave the partner when there is still time. If you feel any one point listed below is relatable, then you are in an abusive relationship. 


Verbal Abuse

If your partner calls you in derogatory names, even as joke, it means that they meant to hurt you and keep you in line. They humiliate you or put you down or make fun of you in front of other people. They may cover up their actions by saying that your are ‘too sensitive’ and that you are the one who needs to lighten up more.


Blame Game

If a person always blames everything on someone else or you, yes, you are in a abusive relationship. They make excuses for their behavior, try to blame others, and have difficulty apologizing. Whatever happens to your relationship, he claims that you are the responsible for the situation, then it’s time you thought about leaving the relationship.



They try to control your actions and always want to know what you are doing. They treat you as if you are a kid and never let go of you. They are always critical of your behavior and want to correct you. You feel like you need their permission to go somewhere or make decisions. An abuser will try to make you feel guilty any time you exert your will and assert what is right for you.


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